What pieces of equipment are necessary for implementing this program?

The OMNISTRONG System was designed to be used in the average school’s weight room. Obviously, there is a lot of variance between the best and worst school weight rooms, but most weight rooms have squat racks, barbells, benches, dumbbell, and chin up bars. In order to perform the entire program, you’ll also need access to foam rolls, medicine balls, resistance/assistance bands, plyo boxes, and furniture sliders.

That being said, you may not have some of the equipment listed and that’s ok, you can still use the OMNISTRONG System with a few modifications. Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] because we’d love to help make sure this system works for you. Rest assured, this system can be performed with MOST equipment set ups, so don’t let that stop you!

Do you need to be a strength and conditioning expert to implement this system?

NO! OMNISTRONG was designed for the team sport coach with little to no formal education in strength and conditioning. If you’re willing to learn, committed to coaching in the weight room like you’d coach on the field, and bought in to the importance of delivering an elite level training program with your team, then this program is perfect for you.

Is the system just for football or will it work with other sports as well?

The OMNISTRONG System is an incredible training system for the football student-athlete. However, the OMNISTRONG philosophy is not based on the idea of “sport specific” training. This system is designed to build a complete student-athlete who will not only perform at a high level but be incredibly resistant to injury. The base training plans are great for developing student-athletes from a wide variety of sports such as basketball, soccer, and track and field in addition to football players.

One of the unique features of the OMNISTRONG System is the inclusion of a specialized routine for the student-athlete who plays “overhead” sports like baseball, softball, volleyball and swimming. The Overhead Program is slightly modified to include exercises for rotator cuff function and shoulder mobility and substitutes more shoulder friendly exercises for some of the exercises that may pose a unique risk for the overhead student-athlete.

Overall, the OMNISTRONG System was designed with multiple sports and even the multi-sport student-athlete in mind. One of the strengths of the system is the ability to use it well with teams from a wide range of sports.

How many weeks of training does the system come with?

The training programs are separated into four, 4 week training phases. So for the 5 day, 4 day, 3 day and 2 day per week programs, there are a total of 16 total weeks of training. The in-season program is designed to oscillate back and forth between each of the two, four week phases, so it could last as long as your season lasts.

All in all, there are 80 weeks of programming for each the base program and the overhead program included in this system. Easily enough to get you through the full calendar year.

How long does each workout take?

he beauty of the OMNISTRONG System is that it is versatile. For that reason, the best answer is, it depends upon your teams’ training calendar and schedule.

The 5 day per week program was designed to be done in the context of a class that meets 5 days per week. In this program, the workouts are all about 50 minutes in length.

The 4 Day, 3 Day, and 2 Day programs were designed for more of an off-season, extra-curricular setting so these workouts last about 90 minutes each if done in their entirety or 65 minutes if the movement component is taken out which is what I typically recommend during times of the year when your team is conducting on the field/court practices in conjunction with a strength and conditioning program.

In-Season training needs to be really short because there are so many competing demands on the student-athletes time and energy so these workouts are 45 minutes including a thorough pre-workout routine.

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