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To empower coaches with all the tools necessary for delivering an elite level training program with his/her student-athletes. Learn more.

About the Author – Noel Piepgrass

When I was in high school, my Football coach gave me a training program. It was my first exposure to a weightlifting regimen, and in many ways, it was a great introduction. Learn more.

3 months ago
Check out the post @noelpiepgrass just did for @CoachFore's site on the importance of getting your post-season off to a good start by assessing all your student-athletes https://t.co/EZZPVXKBWF
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OMNISTRONG is a great way to get your athletes stronger and faster, while keeping them accountable and interested. Having an in-season and off-season program, with cards and videos available, makes it impossible for any coach to have excuses for not being in the weight room.

Amanda Ogata - Head Coach for Swimming and Boys Water Polo at Exeter High School

I'm going through the workout (OMNISTRONG) ... It's awesome ... Everything is hyperlinked with the YouTube videos. It's amazing ... I'm blown away by it.

Brian Gilbert - Head JV Football Coach and Department Head for Health and Human Performance at Central Valley Christian High School

In over twenty years of being a High School Coach and Administrator, this system stands head and shoulders above all others that I have worked with.

Ryan Tos - former Coach & Athletic Director, CIF Assistant Commissioner

OMNISTRONG is the perfect solution for the high school weight room ... tailor-made workout routines that work for athletes of every shape, size and sport ... detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise ... safe ... by far the best solution to keep kids healthy and competitive.

Ryan Phelan, former Head Varsity Football Coach, Athletic Director and current Director of Alternative Education at Kingsburg High School

OMNISTRONG trains the whole athlete and yet has been created by a high school coach who understands our time constraints. This program allows us to train hard and efficient.

Mason Hughes Head Football Coach, Central Valley Christian High School

Hey coach. I wanted to say that I love the new workout program. I already feel much stronger and I enjoy how it forces us to be held accountable.

OMNISTRONG Student-Athlete

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